Can two people find there way back to each other?

Me and ex partner recently split around the end of September. We have been together since December 2018 and had a baby together in March. He is currently 20 while I’m 25 next month. We also had a house together which only myself and our son live in now as he has moved into his mums which is down the road. We had broken up before that as I broke up him because we just argued to much & I received no communication or help on his end sometimes with our son. I honestly regretted breaking up with him, I think I only done for attention and because I’m so stubborn I didn’t say anything after I had done this. We did get back together a couple of days after as he wanted to work things out which I was so happy about cause I didn’t want this. Then he broke up with 2 weeks after because he said he had fallen out of love with me & I always caused issues and that he no longer wanted to stay at this house. I was so confused because the day of he said he loved me and was so lovey dovey as he usually is. I wanted to work things out so I waited a whole month after him saying he wants to get back together but wants to work on himself & he can’t do both. So we had a massive talk and he said he couldn’t juggle parent life/career & boyfriend life anymore. Now he’s doing his own thing & he only has our son 2 days every fornight.. I’ve asked him to help me out more with our son to take him during the days for a couple of hours and he says yes but never does. He doesn’t make that effort and this is why I had given up on wanting him back. I believe if we Can go on our separate journeys and work on ourselves we could find our way back but i don’t want wait for him cause I know how he is and he likes to move on straight away. He’s in a really dark place right now & every time we go to talk it’s a argument and I’m trying my best to co parent but it’s just so hard. My question is... do you think we could ever get to happy place
8 mo
Also to add... He fell out of love with me but still got jealous when I seen went out for dinner with a friend of mine who is a male and my son. while being split I also started getting super depressed and still currently am.. just not so bad. I realised that he was so focused on himself that he didn’t care so I’m slowly but surely trying to do my own even though I still love him. Just not in love with him anymore.
Can two people find there way back to each other?
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