Am in the wrong in this situation with my ex, and how do I best deal with this?

He (25, m) ignored my calls and I (25, f) was really upset and hurt over how we parted ways. We keep meeting up since we agreed to end things and it’s emotionally scarring me. We had an argument before we parted ways this time and to me it’s important to leave on good terms but it’s like he just didn’t care so much this time. I called and called and he ignored me. I text him saying I need to talk to him to call me back and nothing. I was crying through the night and gave up at 2am , maybe he didn’t realise I was that upset.
I think he would have called me back at some point the next or day after, but in the mean time I’d have been waiting on him mentally emotionally torturing myself, not knowing when he’d call so I just blocked him instead of carrying on waiting for him to acknowledge or make it a priority to find out if I’m okay or return my calls.

I know he’s probably got his own stresses but since we broke up, it’s becoming more on his terms when he sees me, the time, how long for even if I’m hurting. It’s like he gives in to the temptation to contact me and then when I’m feeling emotional about reuniting with him, he doesn’t stay with me he’ll argue his priorities, things he has to do etc. Which is fine but if he couldn’t be there for me he shouldn’t have contacted me in the first place as it seems only when it’s convenient for him but my emotions he doesn’t want to deal with.
Like he insisted for example to always come to my flat every time he called because he missed me or if I called. He later said reason he said is he can control the environment that way, so essentially I’m the one that deals with the feeling of him being in my space, whilst he gets to go back and carry on his life easier.
We haven’t been having sex so at least I can say he’s not using me for that. I don’t know how to interpret this as he was a good boyfriend, we both tried but we caused each other stress, I don’t know if I should keep him blocked or not or how to even go forward with this
Am in the wrong in this situation with my ex, and how do I best deal with this?
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