Do you believe this woman's story or a lie?

She said her car was broken into (door was unlocked) and money stolen. Or did she lie and never bring $ for the trip?
Do you believe this womans story or a lie?
I invited her and her kids on a vacation, Id known her for years and we tried to date... friendzoned for 10 years. I just broke up and she was just breaking up and I was looking to see if might work, I enjoyed being with them and gave her all my love. She has a history of issues with men, like using them and not committing. I invited her on weekend vacation to families lakehouse.

She agreed to go late and arrived late at night around midnight, car fully loaded. My neighborhood is very safe, although there are occasional car break ins reported where people go through and take change or gift cards.

They stayed over in spare room and in the morning she got stressed and said she forgot to lock her car and the $500 she brought was taken from the car. She was agitated. In all the fuss of packing and getting the kids stuff together, she brought her purse in but not some separate thing that had money in it. She said she smelled smoke in the car but I never went out to check that.

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Do you believe this woman's story or a lie?
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