What’s going on? Is there love still?

It’s a long story, but I’ll try to make it short. So, my ex and I broke up nearly two years ago. We officially saw each other for the last time and broke it off for good about 1 year 8 months ago. I loved him so deep, and as a consequence, I ended up very heart broken. I’ve never been more affected by a breakup in my life. Never felt that kind of pain before. We lasted a year and a half in total, and broke up because he was cheating on me. I found out about it, he didn’t tell me, but then admitted it at the end.
I tried hard to move on. I tried hard to let go. I did. I think. It didn’t make sense to hold on emotionally anymore. As time went by, I got into a new relationship. Somehow, my ex keeps creeping into my head, and my dreams. Sometimes I get hit by nostalgia really hard. I decided to forgive him, I let go of the anger, I let go of the hurt and decided to hold on to good memories. He contacted me 2 months ago expressing his regret and how he has troubles sleeping at night due to thinking of what could’ve been. I replied, told him I forgave him. He asked if he could reach out every once in a while. I didn’t reply to his question. I wished him luck and that was it. Deep inside, I wish he’d contact me again. There are so many questions I wish to ask that I didn’t last time.
Today, I got hit by nostalgia once again. I feel that I miss him, I keep thinking about the past, and I feel his presence. Don’t know what’s going on. Is this normal? Am I not over him? Is he not over me?
What’s going on? Is there love still?
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