Why does my ex keep reaching out?

My ex won't stop contacting me. He moved away and lives with his girlfriend (and baby that I didn't know about when we were dating). We didn't block each other, but we cut ties. Out of nowhere, he started following me on two separate IG accounts and has been liking my photos with both. He's also added me to his private Snapchat stories, where he posts videos of his girlfriend and their 9-month-old. He's also started to message me on both IG and SnapChat. The messages have been innocent enough, but I think it's weird to want all this attention so suddenly? Judging from their online presence he seems very happy with his little family. I'm considering blocking him, but curious why he's giving me all this attention. Especially since he lives states away and has a family. Seems weird. Thoughts?
Why does my ex keep reaching out?
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