Girls, Is she nervous about talking to me or no?

Happen to see her around when I moved to study. 1) in a shop she used to work at- me and friends would often go in for free sprays of perfume. She once came over to help and I ask her to choose her favourite, she pick one out my friend started spraying and I jokingly said “have to get it now if she likes it” which she though was funny 2) she joined my gym a while after. But everytime she saw me She would always stare , or smile to herself but then she try to hide her smile. Also told her friend about me. She done this for months and months. I don’t get why she always smiling to herself? If I’m around.

I moved home 5 months after not seeing her anymore , I saw her Instagram. And I was considering adding her but didn’t feel comfortable. So I would sometimes look at her posts without adding her. She found out. then she started looking at my socials to.

In the end I added her and liked her photo. I messaged her introduced myself asking if she went to my gym And jokingly she said “Maybe , why are you potentially stalking me ”? i just said nahh I’m not  kinda thing.

But I noticed now we stopped talking , she upload photo of herself then deletes them after she sees I viewed them , why would a girl delete her story’s after she see’s that I have viewed them? Especially, when she can either block me or hide story’s from me? At first I thought it was coincidence but then my friends also think it is not. So why would she delete them when she can just block me or hide them from me if she is bothered that I have viewed them?
Girls, Is she nervous about talking to me or no?
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