Love and Breakup?

I have a met a 15 years old girl on this app 2½ years ago and she told me her rape story at very first day and i got emotional for her and decided to help her as a friend and take her out from her depression. Then after talking to me for 2 months she said that, she fell in love with me. I said our age gap is 9½ years as i was 24½ years at that time. She said "its okay, I can wait, age is just a number" then i said, "okay i can't wait for you" we were connected and wasn't ready to give up but after 2½ years she started finding me boring, she talked to many guys and also did something which is like cheating. Still i forgave her. But 4 days ago she told me that if i want to marry her, i have to convert to muslim as she don't follow islam strictly and not very religious. Now she blocked me from every where. I want to ask "WHY, she did like this to me"?
Love and Breakup?
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