Would you financially support your ex if they asked?

So, my second ex wife got out of jail. And did not contact me. Until she needed money. I helped for a little bit. But I realized I had to stop. Or it would never stop. Then she told me she was pregnant by the guy she, started dating right after she got out. And she wanted to gey an abortion. And I refused to pay for it. She even went as far as saying she wanted me back and having an abortion would be away to that. And I laughed at her. Because, I could never be with a meth head. And then we argued for 3 months via text. She even threatened my then new girlfriend. And laughed it off. Because she is all talk. Anyways, she recently had her baby. And tried to give me a sob story. I do not want to give details. Let's just say it wasn't a good one. So, she asked me for a few hundred dollars for her, her baby, and a brand new guy in her life. And when I, told her no. She went on her bullshit again. And I again laughed her off.

And then her lawyer called me. (Well, someone she told to call me and act lile a lawyer). But, I had my lawyer call them and found out ot was just someone to try and scare me. Lol

So to my question. Would you help you ex out financially of they asked? I am not going to do it. I just want to see who would.

And please no religious bull shit either.
7 mo
I am pleased with all the female response. Especially because they all say hell naw. Lol
Would you financially support your ex if they asked?
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