Was It Hard For You To Get Over Your Past Relationships?

So I have this friend thats like 6 years older than me and we both used to like each other and he even told me that we were gonna get married (which im use to guys telling me that at this point so it means nothing🙄) and the way everything ended was just bad and a long story which I won't get into. But a couple of weeks ago we started talking again (just as friends) and so far its only been a friend thing. He apologized for everything and its all been settled. He seems a lot more sad tho but I don't know. I'm not interested in getting with him and he isn't trying to be in a relationship either. So that's good...
The reason we didn't work out is because even tho he had feelings for me, he still was stuck on his ex girlfriend (which was unsure about him) and he decided to leave me to be with her but apparently they still did not work out at all and now he keeps saying he lost hope.
But one thing about him is that he is always saying how he doesn't have a chance when it comes to dating and how only old women and his guy friends talk to him. He is an introvert and claims to not have any friends. And last night he told me that he can't hope to be with anyone until he gets over his ex.

And its been like this for A WHILE. Like bro... how long is it gonna take for u to get over someone who it didn't work out with multiple times😭😭😭

Im not trying to be with him bc i feel like he is still too in love with the other girl and can leave me at any moment like he did last time. But its like he left a perfectly good thing in order to go pursue someone that isn't even into him anymore. It just doesn't make sense to me. Like he couldn't see that I really loved and cared about him but oh well 🤷🏾 I think he needs to heal but I don't know I've never seen someone so stuck on their ex like that.
Was It Hard For You To Get Over Your Past Relationships?
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