Would no Contact rule work on my ex girlfriend?

We've been friends for about a year in college and then we started dating each other for the last 18 months. We're both the same age (20). We always talk to each other every single day and it was our first relationship together. I thought we were both happy and I was going to meet her parents until COVID happen. During the summer we would hangout like in parks but really couldn't do much. Once when my ex started to work we didn't went out for the last 4 months since I had a parent at risk and my ex was working in a place where they get a positive covid test each time she works there.

Then near last month she started to get not affectionate and a bit distant. But we were still chatting constantly and then mid December she told me that she wanted to break up with me because she loss feelings for me. Literally a day before this we started to play a new game together. So at first I was confused but then I told her that we could take a two week break and see if that would work with no contact. During the one week mark I sent her a big letter just telling her that I understand the mistakes I made and what I would do to fix them. After the two week break I told her the same thing again and she just told me that she still felt the same way and was to tired to invest in our relationship. She's willing to be friends again but after when our feelings are gone in one to two months. Then she also included how the reasons were basically that we just haven't been seeing each other that much and other little reasons piled up.

Now I've been just heartbroken and can't get her off my mind. I miss her and I truly do want her back. It's only been a few days and none of us has contacted each other after the break up. I also still notice that she still shares me her location and still looks at my snapchat stories which I don't get. I'm now wondering if I should just go into like a 30-45 day no contact and if that would work.
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Update: It's been three months since the breakup and yeah I ended up did contact her a few days ago once when my mind was in a better state. I still have feelings for her so I asked how she was doing. She was really dry (as in like just answering the question and that's it) and would respond once a day. It lasted for about 3 days and she told me "sorry I don't want to text with you". So no contact didn't work in my case as there's no chance of reconciliation with her now. Thanks for the advices!
Would no Contact rule work on my ex girlfriend?
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