How do I get over being dumped before our marriage?

We've been in a relationship for 7 years and that time, I decided to marry her. This year I'm turning 25 and she'll turn 23. She finally agreed to be my girlfriend in 2013 and we had fun memories even though I'm the only one who initiates in our relationship.

I didn't mind about her not saying "I love you" to me even once because I'm all about pleasing her, and back then I'm usually just the one to let her into my house. I never was allowed to enter her house but I was able to meet her family as I remember her mom calling me to meet her so that our relationship can be talked about.

I admit that her parents hate me, but that didn't stop me from loving her because I was looking to earn their parent's respect towards me by loving their daughter unconditionally. Fast forward to the point that I was asking her about our future and wedding, she told me that she doesn't care about when I will propose and that I better do something about it or she'll dump me so I already planned my proposal to her months ago.

Before 2021 started, I already proposed as I went down on my knees and show her the ring I bought. Though she seemed indifferent as she wasn't having any reaction, she admitted that she had a great time with me and all those gifts I gave her were heartfelt. She also was grateful for me being there for her when she needed it the most, but the most hurtful words she told me was "But I really don't know if I love you." Tears began falling to my face and as she took the ring, she just threw it at my face. Then, she decided to breakup with me, saying "I never loved you, and never will. To me, this isn't even a breakup. You we're never my boyfriend, you're just another gullible dunce! I don't owe you anything for that, no I will not marry you, we're done!"

Up to this day, I cry and tremble each day as I stare at our photos on my phone. I feel like everything is my fault and that I am a worthless human. What should I do?
How do I get over being dumped before our marriage?
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