I need a guys point of view. Help?

My boyfriend of over 10 years had a break down and left. All his stuff is here at our place still... But he left. He broke up with me via email. He said he was not happy and not in love with me anymore 🥺. He bottled up all his feelings and never said anything. I gave him plenty of opportunities to tell me, I asked him if everything is ok are we okay.. you seem distant. He said he was stress with work and bills. Never said anything. Then he came home drunk from work and did a lot of yelling. I told him let it out. I didn't know he wasn't in love with me anymore. We cuddled every night in bed. He left Jan 2nd I called and text he didn't answer. I emailed him, he answered and floodgates opened. He broke up with me via email. I was blind sided by this. I thought he needed to cool off and he would come back. I haven't heard from him in 4 days and it's hard. We have been dating over 10 years. He said he is broken. He also told me there is no one else. He is broken and a mess. I have not spoken to him.. I haven't spoke to his family they don't get back to me..

How would you handle breaking up? Do you run away? Do you talk? I'm so lost and confused. I don't know what is happening 🥺. I don't know if he is coming back. I love him deeply. This is my first real heart break I'm almost 40. I'm divorced and that didn't hurt. This guy is the love of my life, my person. He said he is not in love with me 🥺. I'm giving him space, no idea what is going on.

Help... What would you do? How would you handle this? I'm lost, confused and broken. I cry all the time. I don't sleep well or eat really anything.
I need a guys point of view. Help?
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