Girls, Why would she tell her friend to message me?

after a long time of non verbal flirting like smiling to herself and trying to hide it from me , staring all the time and telling her friends about me in the gym and in a place she worked that I often visited to shop at. me being nervous to ask her out. I found her social media but didn’t add her and stalked her socials a bit and finally mustered up the courage to talk. SHe asked why I messaged and I could only say I wanted to introduce myself and recognised her. Even though it took over a year. 5 weeks after that first message I asked her out. She said she was happy being single. Instead of fighting to persuade her , I deleted her and said if she changes her mind to let me know.
3 days later, her friend who I don’t even know messaged me and asked if I like girls that workout at the gym”

I asked why , she said just an assumption. I asked if her friend has sent her to ask this she pretended she didn’t even know her friend and that she had fallen out with her which was a lie. And then said she did know her and hadn’t fallen out with her really. Why would they do this
Girls, Why would she tell her friend to message me?
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