I literally predicted my boyfriend would break up?

So, a while ago, my ex broke up with me, but there is one thing that bothers me.
About 25 days before break up, I had a dream, where he confessed he was doing drugs (which he was doing before we started dating, but swore to me that he stopped and would never again) , and that he admitted he had an affair with this one girl, that was directly flirting and eyeing him in the beginning of our relationship, and then broke up with me.
But, in the last couple of months, we never had a problem with drugs nor was I even thinking about it, even for a second, and that girl stopped bothering him, I literally stopped even thinking about it.
But, after we broke up, he started doing just that; drugs, and obviously has some relationship with that girl.
Could it be that I subconsciously predicted what would happen in the near future?
Because, that dream would have made sense if I was stressing about those things, but that dream literally came out of nowhere, similar to a warning, to which I was oblivious?
I literally predicted my boyfriend would break up?
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