Girls, Does she like me or no why would she make act this way?

So a girl I think is cute , we followed each other on Instagram , and I wanted to talk with her. So I messaged her.

she was quite slow to respond at first because she was with friends, I asked for her attention and said I think she is really beautiful. She apologised and gave me more attention and said she was just busy talking to her friends.
so we spoke for a while and she lives in Italy, I live in UK m. She plans on studying here in the UK. But she wanted a different city to where I am from.

so I asked her if she will study in my hometown because I think she is the most beautiful woman and want to hang out with her. So then she kept saying she would consider it now, and will come to my hometown to study as it still is good university for her topic and nice city.

and she keep sending missing emojis like  or  and xx. I send them back I said she can show me her hometown if we get to hang out she said it sounds very nice and she hopes she gets accepted in my hometown to study. And she then sent me a message a while after saying when she is completing and pay for application.
why did she change her mind when I asked her to study in my hometown so we can hang out , and also why she put kissing emojis and things?
Girls, Does she like me or no why would she make act this way?
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