Would a “tough guy” cry just to manipulate me?

My ex was respected by other guys and a lot of people actually. I didn’t see the side of him that is “tough” but I had heard of a few things that happened in his life and basically he just didn’t seem like he would act so emotional over me unless he was serious. I didn’t know what to believe and he ended up hurting me in the end anyway. But a few times he had shed a tear while talking about some of his regrets. And then twice he flat out cried and said “can I take him back” only to hurt me again. I wish I never met him. But I just didn’t think he needed to resort to crying over me to try to manipulate me into taking him back. I didn’t think he would do that because his reputation wasn’t like a sensitive guy. But he would always do stuff like that around me and so I didn’t know how to take it and would always end up feeling bad for him. Was it manipulation?
Would a “tough guy” cry just to manipulate me?
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