Confused & need opinions?

My ex girlfreind make me confused , she dumped me for someone in better statues than me in money and familly statues , but when i found out i knew the guy i told her all the bad things about him cause he pretend to be a freind of mine but stapped me in the back ! After i told her that she told me that his joke also is bad and she tried to reach me but i didt respond and i
repeatedly answerd cold and short answers i was mad thats she used me like a sub or backup plan she send me many times very silly messages to try to test me but trully i couldnt react i was hurted , now we r not contacting each other for 4 month and i do think she still with that guy but the thing that drive me crazy she play some strange games she block me then unblock me then delete my whatsapp then save my number , and she was seeing my whatsapp status and for four month putting that phrase on her whatsapp about "whatever" !! Untill now why she doing those lame stuff i deleted her number but still she put it i can see it from a freind phone why she is doing this she should be happy and leave me alone.

------ sorry for the long opinion asking ! Iam not denying i may still have feeling for her but deep down i can't forgive what she did

*Ps i cutted realtion with her boyfreind cause he played me like her.

What to do?
Confused & need opinions?
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