Should I leave him again for cheating?

My husband flirted with a woman in an app, by telling her she's amazing, and emoji kissed her. so i decided to separate from him. He was upset about it, and said it has nothing to do with flirting. He threaten to cheat on me for real if i keep accusing him of flirting. I decided to ghost him, by not reading any of his messages.

We separated for 3 weeks, almost a month. He came over to my parents place to talk to me, and ask me to work things out with him. I decided to work things out and i ask him if he was talking to another woman while we were separated, and he said he never did. I went back to him a week after.

Its been a month now, and i found out that he was talking to another woman overseas while we were separated. Before he talked to her, he messaged me to forgive him, and to quickly reconciled with him, or else he's going to let me go, and love that woman.

I've talked to him about it, and he said it was my fault, because i ghosted him. And he said at least he told me about her. He said he felt lonely, and he didn't know if i still want to be with him anymore or not, so he decided to talk to that woman to not feel lonely and depress.

But he ended things with her by telling her that he's sorry, he's a married man and decided to get back with me. He said if only he met her as a single man, he wouldve go for her, but as much as he likes her, he can't choose her over me, nor get her as his second wife cause we already had kids together, and im a good wife.

Should i divorce him? I just can't believe he would do this to that woman and i. I feel like he no longer loves me, but is only wanting to be with me because we have kids together. I dont want to be with someone who fell in love with another woman.
Should I leave him again for cheating?
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