We’re on a break, but neither of us want to take it?

we decided to take a break but for certain are getting back together at the end of it, i could tell he didn’t wanna take it as much as I don’t. I want to propose saying forget it all together but am worried i’ll lose him now or over time if i do?
what would you do in this situation?

we had one last conversation before our break really started, and he kept asking me the same qs almost as if in an effort to keep the conversation going. and right before i say goodnight he asks me if he can ask for my advice (wonderful sign I know) and i say we can’t keep doing this if we’re really taking a break, he agrees, but i say i’ll help this one time and give advice.

should we take a break if he’s going to be deployed out to sea in a little less than a month? it’s only 2 weeks which (should) end before he gets his official leave date. but i’m wondering if because we trulyyy worked it out, should we just forgo the break all together?
We’re on a break, but neither of us want to take it?
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