Girls, should I make a move?

My wife and i live in different countries. We got married and as she was supposed to come over live here she didn't... a lot of excuses... she wanted a break. 4 months later we got back together on holiday. I tried to live in her country but there is no advantages what so ever moving there. She then decided she would move to me after all bc she wanted a life together, get pregnant and have children and so on. A month later, 2 weeks before i was supposed to fly to her again... she stopped being available for videocalls or messages ; she was 'busy' . a few days later she messaged she didn't want me to come anymore and that she wanted a divorce. she didn't want to videocall and have a chat... there was nothing to say. I was proper shocked and heartbroken , after all..; we only married just over a year.. and already had a break. I found out she left me for her old school love that never noticed her when she was younger. This week a friend called me that still follows her (we have no more contact and divorce is ongoing) to say that there are no pics left on her page with him... and they dont follow each other anymore , so i suppose something bad happened as according to a friend of hers.. 2 weeks ago all was still fine , and she didn't sound like she regretted breaking up with me. ( they have been together 9months, we was together 3,5y. Now my question is, as i still love her sadly enough, whats my best chance to get back in touch , and how? DO i sit and wait , being blocked (i blocked her first, now unblocked her) , do i message/mail like hey hope you are well, blah blah..., do i send her flowers with a card saying: out of sight, not out of heart... i have no idea. i'd be happy with all your opinions. DOnt tell me im an idiot, i already know that. i just want to do a last effort to save my marriage. I haven't gone wrong to her in the past, at all. Distance, not being together all the time and him around killed us. Pls, advise me.
Girls, should I make a move?
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