Is he pretending to see a future with me?

So I'm a senior in high school and I've been dating my friend (also a senior) of 3+ years for almost one year (actually, tomorrow is our one-year anniversary). But six or seven months ago, we talked about what would happen once we graduate; that is, what circumstances we would stay together under. We came to the conclusion that, unless we attend the same college or live in the same city, it would be for the best to part ways. This has been a little hard for me to stop thinking about, but I'm really trying to live in the moment. But with our one-year anniversary coming up, I can't help but hope that he's gotten more serious about our relationship. He frequently talks about me coming with his family on their (future) vacations; day trips, camping, and even to Europe. He's told me that, next winter, I should come with him and his family on their annual tropical trip to some fancy resort and he's talked about how "four years from now, [he'll] have the perfect Valentine's Day gift for [me]" or how "[I] can get [him] this for Christmas next year." He wants me to meet his freaking grandmother this summer, for Pete's sake. It's obvious that he's either actively ignoring the likely eventuality that we will not live in the same city or intending to try to stay with me after we graduate. Actually, he applied to a few colleges because he knew that I had my heart set on a few of them; that really took me aback. The only foreseeable catalyst for a breakup (besides post-graduation panic) is a summer internship that he has for a month or two out of the country. So I guess I'm just looking for people's opinions on this; if he's likely not as serious as he sounds, should I keep my guard up and continue to expect a breakup sometime this summer? Or should I relax a little and see where this goes? I know I'm young and I've got the rest of my life ahead of me to find love (and all that), but I just want to get a better understanding of where we are at the moment. Thanks! :)
Is he pretending to see a future with me?
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