Was I wrong to break up with this girl in this way?

this girl replied to my personals post on Reddit in early January and we started talking but she’s from south America and I’m from west coast US. We talked for six weeks. I tried to break it off at first but it was too painful so I kept talking. I’ve never had much experience and I genuinely liked her and liked the attention, however I told her I couldn’t wait years to see her and that maybe we should be in an open relationship but we dismissed it. I admittedly told her I needed something physical around Valentine’s Day and I couldn’t wait a long time to see her (either I would have to get the money or she would have to find a job but she said with the pandemic that would be hard and she also said the visa immigration process would be hard) and that she should find a guy who truly deserves her. However after that she asked me to block but I couldn’t because it was too painful so we kept talking but she told me things like now we’re no longer a couple and we’re friends and I have to remove my feelings for you yet she kept comparing me to her ex and asking do you love me and I admitted to her I felt a magnetism because it was true. I was still talking to her when last week I made another Reddit post and a girl from my country but still long distance messaged me but that’s a different question, any way I knew I couldn’t talk to two people without them being upset so I admitted to the foreign girl I think we should take time apart and that I made a Reddit post and I’m talking to someone and I’m unbelievably sorry and that she should find someone who deserves her love. She was rightfully angry she blocked me but now she messaged me again asking can we talk for a moment.
Was I wrong to break up with this girl in this way?
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