Why do some girls get hung up on a guy for so long? (broken girls)?

So I guess this is somewhat classified as a broken girl. Somehow I have a nack for finding these girls. One you can't fix them and you can't convince them to do anything. Most times they're still hung up on a guy who dumped them like 3 years ago and never treated them right to begin with. I wish I could find one of these that you can't get rid of no matter what. I had a friend that has a wife and a mistress I guess you could call her. Haven't talked to him for probably 2 years now, but AFAIK he's still married and his side piece still stops by occassionally to well give him a piece. Both women fight over him. This is kind of beside the point. I've talked to several girls only to find the reason I can't get a date and the reason they've been somewhat stringing me a long is because they are still in love with some guy that treated them like shit and don't have the strength to move on. Every time it doesn't work out with a girl for me it's standard procedure for her. She'll block me and cut contact completely. There is no hanging onto to anything for years. The latest one I'm waiting to get out of rehab. We will see how that one goes. lol
Why do some girls get hung up on a guy for so long? (broken girls)?
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