Would I be wrong to just ghost him?

I don’t know why and what it is but every time my boyfriend physically hurts me (he’s abusive) I’ll leave. Get myself away from him and I’m safe and comfortable. I block him from contacting me through ways that I know he will attempt to. Social media, my phone. This time I even changed my number but even with that he just doesn’t give up. He finds. Way to contact me everytime. This time it was with someone else’s phone, apparently because he texted me from a number that isn’t his, couldn't be his because his number was blocked. Proclaiming his love. Telling me how he needs me and loves me and wants to marry me one day and how he’s been feeling suicidal love for me and that he wants to change and isn’t gonna turn down opportunities for him to get help he just needs me to help him find some help. That he doesn’t mean to keep pushing me away Etc and it wasn’t because he said those things that I went back to him it’s because I do really care about him and love him and I have hope that he can and will change but it’s been a few days since we have been back together and he’s still saying things, verbally that let’s me know that all those things he said was just to get me back. He isn’t trying. He doesn’t really want help because he hasn’t brought up places he can go to get it since we got back together and now I’m uncomfortable and afraid, waiting for it to happen again seems like. I went home recently after staying the night at his house for some days and even then he got upset when I left. He didn’t hit me but he wants me to praise him for that when he shouldn’t be hitting me anyway. Now I’m just thinking about completely ghosting him. Not blocking him, does me no good he always finds a way to contact me, but just stop replying to texts and calls. I can’t do it. It’s draining me emotionally.
Would I be wrong to just ghost him?
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