Did I react too badly for being lead on?

So, this childhood friend and I have always been close. In fact, our families are really close. In our early teenage years, we declared each other our love, spoke about the future (kids, marriage,...). She comes from a religious family, so we had to keep everything secret and minimal for the time being (she asked for this), which I was totally fine with since I was really in love with her. For the next 4 years, we were really close. We unfortunately couldn't go out as much, but we would talk all the time. We kissed perhaps 5 or 6 times and we were each other's first. Eventually she told me she didn't feel the way she used to. I told her I understood and I walked away. As I did, she told everyone her family and some of our common friends (who didn't know anything) that I blocked her, that she thought it was rude and that she didn't know why.

A friend of hers showed me conversations she had with my ex in which my ex was saying that to her, I was never someone she could see herself with in the future and that our relationship was casual and minimal. Actually, I also learned through this conversation that during those 4 years, she was seeing other guys (there was kissing and sex involved)

I confronted her and essentially she told me that barely anything happened between us and that she was simply experiencing things for the first time. I was angry like never before, so I told her "Whatever, but if I hear you blaming me to our common friends again, I will blow the whistle and will make sure your parents put your head under a guillotine"

I am honestly ashamed of myself. She blocked me within an hour. That's just not me and I feel really bad. Yet, all my friends told me I didn't anything bad. I need a more impartial answer...
Did I react too badly for being lead on?
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