Am I wrong if I leave now?

Me and my wife of 6 years haven't been happy for the last 4. We've been miserable for the last 3 and covid made it worst. We sleep in different bedrooms have no intimacy or physical contact of anykind. She gave me a hug last month when I left her mother's house and it made me uncomfortable because we don't touch. She got really into protesting and other things last year which annoyed me because I feel our family wasn't her priority. While aurguing with people online over 1 of the hot topic political issues she said somethings that caused her to lose her job. I was going to break up with her after the holidays so that she could enjoy them and not have to look stupid around the family. She lost her job in January and still hasn't found 1 and her behavior mental health etc is all getting worst and makes me want to leave more. Is it wrong fore to leave while she's down? I really want her to find a job and get healthy so I go be happy but now she's talking about how she wants to be a housewife and garden etc. I don't want to be with her anymore but I can just leave her while she vulnerable I told her that she shouldn't consider being a housewife because of where our relationship is and now she's trying to be more agreeable and putting in the effort I wanted her to show last year but it's to late. I don't care now. Everything she's does feels fake and like it's a survival tactic or she's trying to prove she can be a better wife and mother. When she had a good job being a wife meant nothing to her and being a mom did seem that important but not her career and social status is gone we've become a priority and it makes me resentful a want to leave even more. Aldi her drinking is bad she's smoking weed and cigarettes all day but it's vaping and as a non smoker I find it disgusting.
Am I wrong if I leave now?
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