Ex apologized then nothing?

Recently had an ex reach out (after about a year of NC), saying a short “i just want to apologize for the way i treated you”. It was pretty tumultuous, she had ghosted me when we first met, reached out and apologized for ghosting, then we got together and long story short, i was treated like complete garbage.

so, naturally it was like feeling my heart sink to the bottom of my stomach when she reached out and sent this one-line apology. I was cordial and said “thanks for reaching out” and briefly talked. And i mean maybe a 5 text exchange that had nothing to do with an actual apology. I asked “what are you feeling you want to do with this (apology)?” Because i didn’t understand what the heck she was getting at, and all i got was the same response: i just wanted to apologize.

I left it at that, said “alright, thanks again for reaching out, that was kind of you.” And added if she needed anything or just wanted to talk sometime, she obviously has my number still. And nothing. Not a single word since.

My mind is in all kinds of places and I’m completely confused. Can anyone help me understand what is going on?
Ex apologized then nothing?
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