Why is she doing this?

So long story short my ex-broke up with me last month. Our 2y anniversary would have been on April 2nd (we haven't had a single argument either) . She said "I love you but not in love". She moved most of her stuff in with another guy, but she still has things here at my house. She asked me to get a lot of her decorations out of the attic and I did but she hasn't got them yet 2 weeks later. She also left her side tables and her fish that I now take care of. She even still has mail coming here after a month of her moving out. On the 30th of March she texted me saying she is getting her mail but I didn't respond. When I got home from work she left a note on my fridge saying "I will always be here for you Aaron"- Caitlin. I would like to note that I was the longest she was in a relationship with, her past relationships lasted like 4-5 months. Do you think she is using me for a backup plan? I treated her like a queen and I have my life together. So I don't know why she is doing this, she still texts me once awhile about mail and other things. Thank you for reading ❤
Why is she doing this?
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