Relationship advise?

Me and my daughter's father are giving it our last chance to fix us relationship and family wise but I feel like he sending me mix signals and I don't know what to do I moved out 2 months ago because we we're living with his parents and since we have a daughter we just didn't fit and I was stressing out cause he never gave me and our daughter attention/love and honestly I feel like breaking down every morning and night cause I love him so much I really want this to work out I just miss him I miss being around him. I'm trying to do anything and everything to make him happy but I feel like he hiding something from me and when I would confront him he would just tell me I'm tripping. I honestly want to move back in with him in his parents house but then I starting think if I do he wouldn't want to move out anymore but it's hurts so much I been having panic attacks everytime I would drive to my mom's instead of going to him I feel like apart of me just is gone and my babygirl smile is what helps me get through the day but when he has her for the week or weekend I feel like I'm died inside that I just want to drink my feelings away, I honestly don't know what to do?
Relationship advise?
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