After 7 years apart it still didn’t work?

So I’ll start by saying I knew this guy when I was 16 and we broke up we were on and off for so long.. when I turned 20 that was it for us I let him and moved on with my life.. two years later I met someone and been with him and we got engaged.. it didn’t work between us so we ended it , during these 7 years my first ex tries to reach out to me many times and I didn’t respond because I’m committed to my fiancé but when things ended I had to know if there’s a chance for me and my first love.. I know the word first love is stupid and childish.. anyways we talked and decided we get to know each other again.. we had amazing dates and we talked about if this works we should definitely get married.. we were seeing each other for two months and things were great but suddenly it ended.. last Thursday I went to him and the entire day was off between us but not off enough for me to wanna end it.. on Friday he texted me saying it’s not gonna work we clicked at the beginning then we stopped and I’m like? He says he can’t find the things he likes in me.. and I didn’t beg I just explained few things about what happened on Thursday and wished him the best because my younger self would’ve been begging him not to leave and I’m not that kid anymore but somehow it kills me knowing we failed again.. he was engaged 4 times and he never keeps a relationship going and I think it’s because of his unrealistic expectations but what really hurts me he thinks in two months he figured me entirely? How can I move on from this I feel miserable.. he always seems to break up with me on my birthday lol I turn 28 in two days and this happened lol
After 7 years apart it still didn’t work?
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