Why am I so angry that my now ex wants to behave and respect me?

My ex and I have been off and on for 3 years. He was toxic, rude to my son, disrespectful, killed my self esteem, emotionally abusive, and left me some trauma with his words. Yet, I stayed because he was sweet at times, laughed a lot, have the same interests, and were comfortable with eachother. My mental health got so bad that I went into treatment.. I partly blame him for it but I didn't tell him that. All I told him was that I needed help and I was in the ER. He said he didn't feel love anymore.. so I broke up with him again, and all of a sudden it's "I love you!" "I got you flowers!"

He loves my son and wanted to watch him when I went back to work. He started doing things with my son that I wanted him to do like feeding him healthier foods and taking him outside. He also said he wanted to take care of me so he did.. it makes me really upset. Why so I let it happen? I'm weak, he talks me into it, I enjoy it, then leave feeling like crap. Last night he asked me to have sex. I said no.. I stopped having sex with him because he dug up my past and called me mean words for it..

He's finally being sweet but it's too late.. he's treating me well, and wants to spend time with me now but I hate him for it.. whats wrong with me..
Why am I so angry that my now ex wants to behave and respect me?
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