Has anyone ever experienced a "perfect" breakup before?

Well my ex dumped me right out of the blue some months ago. He never explained fully to me why he did it. He only said that he simply could not will himself to even try and make me happy. I know it was a load of BS. Anyway. He never really valued me in the relationship, I was always helping him and doing things for him. Well he was one of those type of guys that would say he would do this and that for his previous exes but they never appreciated him and always ended up cheating on him.

WELL, he NEVER not ONCE did ANY of the things he did for his exes for me. The only thing he did was buy me a DS...the same thing he bought his ex before me...WTF?! What's worse you guys is that not to toote my own horn but I am pretty good looking. He...was not, I was with him for his personality but I came to find out just how much of an ass he truly was. Whenever we were out in public guys would always look at us and just stare at me. Basically guys knew how much more better I can do than him.

He broke up with me and hurt me pretty bad. Well not long after we broke up I met this AMAZING guy! We hit it off and he asked me out. He literally treats me like a queen, he makes me feel loved, wanted and appreciated. He is always asking me if he makes me happy and whether I am happy in the relationship or not. He cooks for me and will do almost anything I ask of him. I am so much more happier in my new relationship. He always tells me that he loves me, he never wants me to forget. I just feel like the break up from my ex happened just so I could be with the amazingly wonderful guy I am with now. :D

Has this ever happened to any of you guys and girls?
Has anyone ever experienced a "perfect" breakup before?
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