Found out she had a boyfriend after 4 months of dating?

I know her from work and she said she has bad anxiety that’s why she gets nervous when I get close to her in front of people. She has told me also she has a fear of crowds that’s why we can go anywhere in public we’ve only been hanging out one on one or with a mutual friend. I can tell she’s a nervous person that’s why I believed her.

I’ve seen a picture of her with another guy but she said it was her brother so when he came one day I just came up and talked to him wanting to get to know him. She rarely talks about him so I figured I’d get to know him just light talk. Didn’t find out later that it was her boyfriend. She found out I talked to him so she cut things off, I messaged her a lot to find out why or just to talk. She showed those last messages to the boyfriend saying I’m a creep that won’t leave her alone because he found out about me.

I’ve broken things off with her obviously. Found out later that the mutual friends knew and didn’t tell me too.

What’s your perspective on all of this?
I don’t have feelings for her anymore but I still feel stress about this all the time.
Found out she had a boyfriend after 4 months of dating?
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