How to end a relationship while living together?

My SO and I are living together. It will be pretty much impossible to just up and move out, financial problems with emergency credit card uses. But its just to the point i can't do this whole relationship crap with him. I feel uncomfortable, unwanted, undesired. Always feel wrong and stupid and I've talked to him about this countless times. Same bullshit, he will work on it. I've changed a lot about me, quitting drinking, stepping away from friends he doesn't think are good for me. I've lost weight to see if maybe its me. I try to dress girly because I know I dont, I work in a factory, then off shift I work on vehicles with my dad so why dress up to just get greasy. Pointless. I know what my wrongs were, and what I should change so I did. But he can't even show he's trying. Does it sound like its done? Three years of a relationship next month and a year of just feeling like crap all around. And if so, how do we go about cohabitating civil as exs. Thanks in advance people!!
How to end a relationship while living together?
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