Why tf am I keep agreeing?

After a breakup, I’ve been focusing on me, I like the attention but I am not interested in anyone again. I kinda accepted that I will most likely find no right man so I don’t even search anymore. I’m just friendly and nice but thats it.

Many guys try to meet me but I keep agreeing to it even though that is the least thing I want to do right now. Nothing is wrong with anyone but I just don’t even want any guy for a while. I’m too disappointed and hopeless but I can’t seem to stop saying yes!

I regret it immediately and try to postpone it then kinda slowly ghost them because I get so many texts from many people and I don’t even open so they kinda get lost. I know most of them just trynna bang me since they ask me out based on looks, they don’t really know me but WTF IS UP WITH ME? I never been like this before.
Why tf am I keep agreeing?
Why tf am I keep agreeing?
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