Do you get offended by being unfollowed?

I really dont appreciate being blocked in the middle of my sentence. I know you’ll look at this post, so as I was saying... Your views didn't ruin anything. Im honestly giving some of everyone the side eye these days. I just dont know who/what to trust anymore. So i’ll keep it cordial and cute on these posts, but some people i just rather not follow anymore. So for those who i have unfollowed or will unfollow, dont take it to heart. This site gets toxic and following eachother can become pointless when our views are so different. I show no ill will so I have no interest in blocking. But i prefer to unfollow some of you. So if you want to keep answering each other's post, I’m all for it. If you want to block me, go right ahead as some have already done. Good riddance to ya 🙏✌️
#FeelFreeToList #FeelFreeToKeepItReal #WhatWasThePoint
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Like i said, this is about unfollowing, not blocking... i doubt people even realize when theyre unfollowed. So I don't know why it offends some people. The only way they’ll know i unfollowed is if my million invites stopped blowing up their notifs 🤣 But i was saying that people blocked me JUST FOR UNFOLLOWING. didn't realize it was such a big deal unless this was like a celeb on insta or some shit
Do you get offended by being unfollowed?
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