Who's the asshole in this situation?

I had an affair that started when I was eighteen and lasted until I was nineteen. He was my teacher ages fourteen to fifteen before he moved. We stayed in contact and met up again when I was eighteen as friends. After our brief visit he confessed how beautiful I had become and that he was in love with me. I tried to make boundaries but he kept pushing them. i. e. kissing me well I was tipsy without my consent. Eventually after a couple months of him continuing to try and make moves on me I gave in. We ended up having a year long affair where he told me constantly that he wanted to leave his wife and be with me. (Of course he didn't really wan to looking back). So finally after a year he told his wife, out of guilt I assume, she contacted me to tell me it was over. She called me dozens of times and sent me dozens of texts because I wouldn't respond. I tried to text the guy I was having the affair with to find out what was going on but he had already changed his number. I never saw him again. He didn't even say goodbye. He tried to contact me twice more after that once through email and once over text. Both of the times his wife found out and blamed me for trying to contact him again. He also tried to kill himself a few months after he went back to his wife. In the end he told me he lost sight of the amazing woman his wife is and that they share all forms of contact now. I never heard from him again after that. So my question is who is the asshole in this scenario? Is it me for having the affair and allowing it to go on as long as it did?
Who's the asshole in this situation?
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