What do you really think drunk calls and texts mean?

are they genuine feelings or the exact opposite?

i ended things with an ex four months ago but there are still times that we've talked post breakup. dont think we've gone through 3 weeks without either one of us initiating contact. almost two weeks ago we talked again and then i ended up telling him we'd be better off if we stopped talking. then i had a panic attack days after and ended up calling him. days after he asked how i was and that conversation basically didn't end up good because we kinda had an argument. we didn't talk until last night when he messaged me and told he misses me. he didn't reply for hours then his friend called me saying he got drunk and wanted to talk to me. he sounded really drunk it was the first time i heard him like that. he asked for me to stay but again he was drunk. we've been talking again since then. thing is I've heard he's entertaining other people now which is fine cos he single. and he denied this when i asked him and I don't know why he had to lie. i love him a lot but i still dont think it'd be right if we got back together.
What do you really think drunk calls and texts mean?
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