How do I fix this behavior and where does it come from?

I know he's moved to a new place but I kept seeing his car parked in the street so I was kind of relieved because I thought he may have moved to a different street but still in the same area. He also works near my house. Anyways, as long as I saw his car parked I was okay because I knew he was still here somewhere. Yesterday I took a walk in that area and his car was nowhere to be seen (I knew he was working but since he works near his place, he never takes the car) and I freaked out. It happens all the time, he is a creature of habit, very methodical person, he used to walk his dog at the same time every single day etc, so I knew how and where to find him If I wanted to see him. It's been 4 months since I saw him face to face but I still have this desire of seeing him again once I'll be fully healed and the fact that he might be gone or have quit his job (I met him at the drugstore he works at) freaks me out. I know I have control manias, but is it where this behavior comes from? I mean I'm not into him anymore, I'm almost romantically uninterested but then I have such reactions and I don't get it.
How do I fix this behavior and where does it come from?
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