Does it ever work to take an ex back?

Have a few questions if it has ever worked out for any of you to take your ex back?

Bit of background- my ex broke up with me a couple of months ago now, she lied to me about things and never seemed interested in me and eventually broke up with me which broke my heart considering how much effort I put into the relationship. A few days ago she popped up apologising after no contact, for what she did and explained to me what was going on, now I understand more why she got on that way, without going into much detail was that she was going through a rough patch mentally and didn't feel it was right to drag me along with her. Still doesn't justify how she treated me and she agreed about that and should've told me at the time. She claims she still cares about me but I'm a bit confused now 😕. I still do care about this girl a lot but don't want to get hurt again tbh

So with that said did she contact me simply because of guilt or was this an intention to "try and get back with me" ? She's not a bad person I've known her for quite some time but she just did a shitty thing. It's difficult because we also work with each other so I'd see her quite a lot too. I explained that I couldn't even see her as a friend at the moment and she agreed the same because she claims I meant a lot to her so it's very difficult.

What do you all think about this weird situation, should I just move on or perhaps offer her trial run to see if she can prove she's worth taking back?
Does it ever work to take an ex back?
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Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions 🤝. Most of you are right I believe; I always tell myself if the person really felt the same way then they wouldn't push you away no matter what. So I'll just move on and let her be, it makes everything harder having to work with them. Just hoping I find that special person because I've been messed about far too long by different woman :(
Does it ever work to take an ex back?
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