My Mormon Ex Boyfriend Is In A New Relationship And Getting Ready To Propose?

So my mormon ex boyfriend broke up with me 5 months ago. We work together and are still friends. Not close friends or anything, we only talk about work stuff. I recently found out that he has a girlfriend and has been seeing her for 5 months which means he got with her right after we broke up. He told a mutual friend of ours that he is going to propose to her soon. Like, before the Fall. Obviously this really hurt and reopened the wound because he told me the only reason he broke up with me was because his parents were going through a rough patch and he couldn't handle a relationship. I feel like I got lied to and it really sucks. I moved from Cedar City to St. George to be with him and now he is leaving St. George and moving to Cedar City to start his life with his girlfriend. I honestly feel that the only reason he is moving so fast is because he wants to get laid but is saving himself for marriage. I don't know what to do to get over this.
I don't know if this even matters but it bothers me that he asked me to blow him (which i did) and then said he wanted to take things slow because he didn't want me to feel like he was using me. I agreed and I said I didn't want to corrupt him. Then the next day he fingered me in the freaking movie theatre! I wish his girlfriend knew about the things he and I did cause I bet he never has and never will bring that up. He also didn't unfollow me on Instagram until a week ago after I found out about his girlfriend. I don't know if that was his choice of it his girlfriend made him do it but he played stupid and said he didn't unfollow me when I asked.
My Mormon Ex Boyfriend Is In A New Relationship And Getting Ready To Propose?
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