Has anyone ever dated anyone with bipolar? Do they all cheat?

I am not in any way try to stigmatize any mental illness. But I’m truly trying to understand. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years. About a year ago the relationship took such a toll on me I started going to therapy. My therapist taught me to stand hard on my boundaries. he didn’t appreciate this much. It changed our relationship. For someone who I’m always there for to start to hate you for saying things like “I won’t discuss this while your yelling at me” is surprising to me. Well I caught him cheating again. I ended things and he seemed to care less. He was so angry and cruel at first rather than apologetic. I admit that I missed him and I contacted him but after he totally insulted me I cut all contact. I told him I was over the abuse and him using his mental illness as an excuse. He then added the girl on social media and basically tried to throw it in my face to hurt me. I removed him from a social media bc I don’t want to see anything I just want to heal. It’s been 3 months and I feel so much better. And then here we go with the late night text. He threatens self harm if I don’t respond only to insult me if I do. He cries and tells me he loves me. He doesn’t however admit any wrong doing and It’s like having a bizarre conversation where the truth is excluded. I know I should cut off all contact but I did promise to always be there as a friend. The thing is I know he isn’t “crazy” and he knows very well what happened. He is manipulative and it’s so annoying. How do you have a conversation with someone like this. No offense to anyone suffering from mental illness but it’s a lot to deal with. And while I thought I was in a loving relationship I was willing to go to hell and back to help him. But when I’m lied to cheated on and verbally abuse it doesn’t seem worth it. I know that’s a catch 22 since that may all be from his symptoms but where do u draw the line before you let someone destroy your own mental health.
Has anyone ever dated anyone with bipolar? Do they all cheat?
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