Why would my ex be doing stuff like this?

She was the one who broke up with me about 3 weeks ago

1) She seems to post about the breakup a lot, trying to justify to herself, but has said she misses me. And is afraid that if she reaches out she'll fall back into the relationship

2) She seemingly watches my reddit account for posts. (she messaged once to apologize for how the breakup went not long after I posted an open letter apologizing for my actions. Then she unblocked me after I posted wishing for another chance. But blocked me again, and posted more about trying to justify it.)

3) The apology messages from her seemed interesting. Basically messaged me at 1am, and apologized for how it went, but reaffirmed the breakup. But did say she wanted to stay. And that she hopes im in a better place should our paths cross again down the line.
1 y
Well, She now said in a reddit post ""I miss playing with his hair, his smell, and cuddling with him. But, I can't feed into it too much or I'll get trapped again."

So feels like the conflictedness is pretty high
Why would my ex be doing stuff like this?
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