Do I need therapy?

Let's be real. This is something I might laugh at myself over. Due to the fact that I tried to date a narcissist. Just for 2 months... and I sit back sometimes, asking if I need therapy. People tend to throw narcissist around as if once treated wrong, they want to point fingers. You know? With this incident, I met somebody I didn't find to be narcissist-like.
We first met, and he tried to kiss me. I let him kiss me, and he apologized for falling so fast. When my internal goal was to ghost him. Yikes! I learn to accept this guy. It was bad signals from BEFORE meeting him. Talking sex-related things, the whole "if it happens, it happens." Alright, so.. He met me. Got very insecure over himself, knowing I was too good. His body language gave me an idea he was insecure. I accepted him for him. His past related drug addiction, so forth. Everybody in the comments be thinking "RED FLAG! RED FLAG!" Hold your beer/wine/glass of water. It gets worse..
I gave this guy a chance. Things get serious in cuddling. He tells me how we can't cuddle. He has... LMAO. HPV. The one that goes away. I had a huge W. T. F. moment. I was loyal enough. I waited for him to get clean and clear. Let this time go on. He DOES come off clean/clear.
The whole relationship, he used me. He use to tell me how he would take me out for dinner. He never did.. He got jealous of me having guy friends. I was honest throughout what we had. He got mad at me for not complimenting him, while I never got compliments. EVER.
He kept telling me what to wear.. So forth. This guy drops me out of no where.
I was devastated, very upset. Cried for hours. Wanting answers. He calls me psycho. Etc.
This guy.. later throughout the year and beginning of 2021 has came back MULTIPLE times.
One was to be friends with benefits. The other was to TRY and date me. How I was such a positive impact to... just friends. HAHA! Changing his mind.
I told him he gives me so much anxiety. That.. He doesn't deserve me and such.
1 y
I freak out every time I have a request message notification on some sort of social media,
knowing he has contacted me on there before. Part of me feels lost. He's compared me sexually,
though he was the insecure one from the beginning. He changes his mind so quickly on things.
Do I need therapy?
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