How do you break off an online relationship?

We’ve been talking (and sexting) non-stop for a month.

This is his first time falling in love. But then, I pulled myself out of it and realized this is all virtual, and realistically I can’t be with this person for the rest of my life.

I need to cut the chord, I can’t keep dragging this knowing we can’t have anything substantial. He seems to be on a different page and even wants us to get engaged.

How can I break things off nicely, knowing this is his first time falling in love? I’ve tried ending things before, saying we can’t be together forever, and he insisted we live in the present and just keep talking without thinking of the future.

My feelings, connection, and fondness for him is real, but it feels to me like he keeps fantasizing of a future together, and I can’t play with his emotions that way. I don’t believe in ghosting, I owe him an explanation.

Will deleting our chats help him (and I) move on faster? I feel like this being his first time being in love will hurt him harshly. It’s his first time being vulnerable, and he told me I’m the second person on this planet that truly understands/knows him. How can I best end this for him, knowing he has exams soon?
How do you break off an online relationship?
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