How to stop thinking about your ex?

Now this isn't a sob story about how I can't get over him. No, I'm very much falling for someone new in my life.

Me and my ex agreed to stay friends after a healthy break from each other when things ended. And just as we were growing comfortable with each other again, I had another man on my Snapchat with the caption "wine date".

This obviously triggered my ex and he decided he could no longer talk to me and blocked me on ALL social medias. He didn't even do that much when we broke up.

This just pisses me off so much. I get it... he's probably not over me. But hey... maybe it's his fault for getting tinder a week after we broke up. I only got it because he got it, and now I am where I am.

This is probably more like a rant but I find myself feeling so angry everytime he pops into my head again.

Does anyone have any remedies for this?
How to stop thinking about your ex?
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