Ex pushing me away?

my ex kept me on the line and then ghosted me, when i came back to her she told me it wasn't personal she just needed her space that she's decided to move back home and change careers, granted that we had a very sexual relationship i thought i could pull her back with something pervy but it backfired and she got upset, i apologized but she said that she was trying to tell me she wasn't interested anymore and that me contacting her was messing up her mental state, that she wasn't proud of some of her past relationships and didn't need reminding of them... granted that i was always loyal and loving towards her i can't imagine why she'd say that unless she was bluffing, she apologized and said goodbye and then blocked me right after, I've been tempted to text her on another phone but i dont wanna make things any worse, thing is i dont want her to move away either so i dont know what to do?
Ex pushing me away?
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