How can I help my best friend?

My best friend went through a five year breakup. It was his first girlfriend. He considered her perfect because she was ready to even make sacrifices for him and many common interests. She even let go of her college so she could retry a year since he hadn't qualified. They had decided to even marry each other in the future. They were perfect for each other. In fact he was studying hard for her, he loved her more than anything. He accidentally cursed at her online one day because she had done something bad and she just gave up on him that too online. He apologised a lot, tried to win her back but she simply didn't accept it. He couldn't believe because they had been together for 5 years and despite their fights they had stayed intact for 5 years. She just gave the reason that she wasn't given too much freedom and it wasn't the case. She didn't give a proper reason for the breakup. They both made sacrifices for each other. Now he is blaming himself for the mess. He has lost his purpose and motivation in life. He believes he will never find a perfect girl like her. Our friend circle tried our best to make him get over her, hangout with him and make him feel less lonely, but he still hasn't moved on. He had loved her more than anything. He had even sacrificed friends for her. He had spent most of his time with her. We suggested him to ignore her texts but he isn't able to accept it. He is a emotional romantic ( mostly for her) inside despite his strong external behaviour. I know it will take a lot of time to recover since it was a long term relationship. But I feel bad for him. I don't know how I can help him. I myself have been single all my life and all I can do is tell him to stay optimistic and hear him vent. I feel bad I am not able to help him out. How can I help him?
How can I help my best friend?
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