Did I handle this breakup the right way or did this make me look weak?

I try to be brief here: Relationship lasted 4 ys, most of it long distance. We weren't too far apart, so we would see eachother at least 2x a month for a couple of days. I found out that she cheated on me. Afterwards, I simply asked her if she wanted to be with the other guy. She said yes. It was tough for me but I accepted it. I never begged her to reconsider. However, I asked her if she was really sure about it (stupid question in hindsight because deep down I know it was over for me as well since I couldn't trust this person anymore). I asked her if she was happy, to which she said yes. This was all I needed to know. We just texted one more time after that. I told her, if she ever wanted to talk, she would find a way to reach me. This was 5 months ago. Neither one of us reached out ever again. I still have some bad days occasionally but I know that I never want to be with her again, even if the chance would arise. The "problem" however is that I am somehow still angry because of the betrayal. She lied to my face for a month and even tried to take advantage of me when she already had another dude. Now I feel that offering her that she could reach out was a mistake and made me look weak; even though I never begged her to come back to try again or even contacted her again after our last text conversation. I cut her completely out of my life and I feel I did her a favor in taking it so "well". I am interested in your opinion. Was being "nice" a mistake? Did this make me look weak? I know she is a liar and acted immature and I shouldn't care. My ego is however still hurt from this and it's already been 5 months..
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I just wanted to add that we met eachothers families and I also told her that I wanted to move to the city where she lives. This was approx. 2 months before I found out about her betrayal.
Did I handle this breakup the right way or did this make me look weak?
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