Should I be in a band with my ex?

Hi guys. I’m (24F) a part time professional drummer. I love playing & I love being in bands. However, I’ve currently been invited to play in one with my ex boyfriend.

I’ve actually been trying them out for a few months (we broke up ~7 months ago) w no problems, but he’s recently been on a bunch of dating apps during practice, talking about hookups, & it makes me really uncomfortable. I actually almost had a panic attack about it the other night. I thought I could just be friends, but I’m still really attracted to him & it’s extremely hard to see him w other women even tho I try to ignore.

HOWEVER, this is my only true friend group, it is a job, & I feel I would miss out if I wasn’t playing in the band. I really love playing, & I don’t want to regret throwing this away if I’m lonely in a few months just over a boy. It may be a big stressor tho.

What should I do?
should I talk it over with the whole band?
Should I be in a band with my ex?
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